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We provide a PA system and sound guy but make sure when you book we have everything you will need for your show.Please watch the tutorial videos on the PA system page.

Videos and Pictures of your show can be arranged for a fee. They will be done by VintageQueen 54 Videos. Please let us know in advance to set up the appointment.

Media Pack and Guidelines
Spillway Bar and Grill –South Central Kentucky region

We ask that you use this media pack to promote yourself and your show. We will assist you all that we can but, we will not be solely responsible to get you people in the venue for your show. We insist you follow the guidelines put forth in this packet.

Internet Coverage:

Face Book- We expect an invite to be posted no later than 1 week before your show. Please use a picture, logo, flyer, or something instead of the blue calendar icon. It’s lame and it’s lazy. Please invite a minimum of 100 friends. We don’t care if they live in town or not. It’s about exposure. Be descriptive about your show and if you have links be sure to include them all.

Twitter- If you have one, use it for the show. The invite needs to be in place 1 week prior to the show.

ReverbNation- We’d really prefer it if you have one. Our venue calendar will be linked to your band page. We like it.

SonicBids- We love seeing our venue posted on SonicBids.

Indie on The Move- Once you’ve played our venue we do ask that you comment and rate us. This is a condition of a return date.

We want 2 posters mailed or brought to the venue 1 week- at a minimum- prior to your show. We’d really love it if you have a friend or even a professional printmaker do your posters. Soon enough we will have a ‘Show Board’ that features our best shows and our favorite posters. Also bring extras. Fans love to collect these and they love getting them signed.

Mail to:

c/o Robert Baxter
2195 Old Louisville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Things to include on your posters are
Venue info
Date and time
Cost—free, cover or tickets
Band Name
Band info link….like Face Book & etc.


Please bring merchandise. We’ll provide a table. You bring a light, person, bank, and an extension cord.

If you are confirmed for a date you’ve been told if it’s 20% of the food and bar, or it is a cover, or if it’s ticket sales. Do not arrive than insist this be changed. It won’t be. We can provide a doorman, but they are to be tipped as well. We do seriously enforce our 21+ policy.


Broadcast Media and Print Media

WBKO Hayley Harmon
WNKY Morgan Watson

Ask to be on either their afternoon show or their morning show. Be sure the date you ask for is the date of your show, most especially if you’re an out of town band. Be sure to explain why you should be on the show and why this would interest their audience. Sell yourself. Be sure your contact info and the venue info is included in your request.


Joe Berry—99.1 WHSX “THE HOSS”
On-Air Talent
Host of “The Back Forty”, a three hour show (5am to 8am Monday-Friday) featuring a mix of current & classic country, Americana, Bluegrass, Rockabilly & Hillbilly music.

He’s our favorite. We love Joe Berry.

Joe will have you on the show. He’ll let you play a tune or two live and he’ll talk about whatever you’d like. Also be sure to send him your CD.

The Revolution 91.7 fm is the college station run by the students. If your target audience is the college crowd, do be sure to contact them and involve them. They will play your music and they have you on live as well.
Who does what at the station changes every term so look under the contact link for who you’ll need.

Tommy Starr and/ or Rockin’ Ronda
WDNS FM 93.3 On-Air Talents 270-781-2121

Tommy and/or Ronda will most likely interview you over the air via the phone. Occasionally they’ve have you in studio. Again send them your CD.

Chris Bratcher of the 107.1 The Point On-Air Talent
If you want people to show up to your show that are from east of Glasgow this is who you should smooze for sure! Chris pre-records most of his show. Again send him your CD.

103.7 The Point
toll free studio line:
Office numbers:
Bowling Green
Office: 270-846-0222
Fax: 270-783-8829
Office: 270-651-6060
Fax: 270-651-7666

And last but not least is Tony Rose. He’s very involved in the community and he’ll do what he can for you. Again send him your CD if you feel your music fits their format. Tony is very important to contact if you’re a local.

Tony Rose Morning Hotline


Mailing Address:
100.7 SAM FM
1823 Mcintosh St. Suite 107
Bowling Green, KY  42104


Print Media:
By far the best coverage of your show both as a review and visually is PennMan of the Amplifier. Be sure to contact the editor of The Amplifier, Kim Mason. The Amplifier is a hard copy magazine as well as an international read on-line magazine. There is also a calendar attached to this web-site and magazine, be sure to use it! The Amplifier is subsidiary of the Daily News but it is not that unusual for both to run stories on the same artist. CONTACT BOTH!

Daily News — 813 College Street
P.O. Box 90012
Bowling Green, KY 42101

The reporter you want is ALYSSA HARVEY.

Other magazines in the area are:

SKYe Magazine
There’s a form. Just fill it out. They’re really good about responding.

SOKY Magazine
Pam Cassady is who to contact

The LEO—Louisville
301 East Main Street, Ste 201
Louisville, KY 40202
Call us: (502)895-9770
Fax us: (502)895-9779
News Desk:
Community/A&E Listings:
Band/Club Listings:

A press release should be similar to a pitch for a show. They’re selling papers or the like. You need to sell yourself to them. Make them want to cover you and your show.


By far the most read is Mary Sparr of Young Mary’s Media.


The magazines, papers, TV stations and radio stations all have community calendars—use them. We’d also like to see you post the event on

Street Teams:

It’s hard for an out of town band who is just playing BG for the first time to have a street team, but you’re bound to have fans in the REGION so use them. Ask them to hang 3 posters. If you get 5 fans in 5 different areas of South Central Kentucky to hang 3 posters…well do the math. It works!

Again we’ll help any way we can but you need to promote yourself. That’s part of this business.

The PRINTING COMPANIES that we use are Kenneth Marr Graphics and Print Mafia. Both companies do outstanding work and are well loved in our music community.

We do work with Yellowberri as well.

There is discount available at the Super 8. There’s only one.

You can contact Robert or I at anytime for any reason. We respond to calls, e-mails, or text. That info is on our IOTM listing.

Last revision 3-19-12

16 thoughts on “Booking

  1. Hello,

    We are contacting you in regards to the potential booking of country music artist Tyler Stephens to perform at The Spillway Bar & Grill. Tyler will be touring in the Bowling Green, KY area August 22nd and August24, 2013, to showcase his most recent release, “Kentucky Country Girl”. We would appreciate having the opportunity to discuss booking Tyler at your venue. We have reviewed your media packet on-line and are fully prepared to comply with the promotional requirements. The support of your live music events by local media outlets is terrific!

    We have attached an electronic press kit for your consideration. For additional information and to review Tyler’s promotional video, please visit:

    Tyler is a country music artist from Hindman, Kentucky who is quickly rising in Nashville. He is currently writing with writers Rich Fagan (Be My Baby Tonight, Sold-The Grundy County Auction Incident-John Michael Montgomery), Larry Cordle (Highway 40 Blues, Murder on Music Row), Greg Crowe (Lonely and Gone-Montgomery Gentry), Knott County, KY native Jenny Stamper and others for his upcoming album. In addition to writing, Tyler performs across the region where he continues to establish a very dedicated fan base.

    Thank you for your time and we appreciate your consideration. If you are interested in booking Tyler, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone at (606) 205-9644.


    Tyler Stephens Music

  2. Hello, Wayne Titsworth directed me to y’all and said that you might be available for booking The Urban Pioneers on Sunday March 23rd. The Urban Pioneers is an old time fiddle and banjo project that Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern have created to keep them consistently on the road for when they are not playing with Jayke Orvis and The Broken Band. Please take a listen to some of their tunes and let us know if you would be interesting in having them at Spillway! Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Greetings!

    I am contacting you about the possibility of Van Waylon playing at the Spillway. I have read the above request for the requirements for Van Waylon to play the Spillway and agree to follow procedure.
    Van Waylon is an established band located out of Taylorsville, KY. They cover everything from Van Halen to Waylon adding their own renditions Southern Fried Live Style. They are very well known in the Louisville Market and are looking to branch out to become more of a regional band.
    You can find their electronic press kit at
    Van Waylon is a band that loves what they are doing and it shows both on the dance floor as well as at the bar.
    Please take a moment to view the EPK and see how well Van Waylon will fit at the Spillway. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. My phone number is: 270-903-8514. I would really enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.
    Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    LM Palmer
    Regional Booking Agent for Van Waylon

  4. Hello

    The Michael Allman Band is a wall of sound featuring some of the finest musicians in the live scene today. Eldest son of legend Gregg Allman, Michael tells his tales of life on the road thru his original driving rock songs, bluesy ballads & classic Allman Brothers heavy hitters. An all-American band & show not to be missed. Currently on the road throughout the U.S.

    Routing.. Aug,8,9 or 22,23,2014


  5. Hi guys,

    I am Eldon Huff, Paul Groves’ manager and label head. I’d like to get Paul booked at The Spillway. Please check out his website and let us know what you think. The website has video, audio, and should have everything you need to get a feel for what he is.

    Thank you,
    Eldon Huff
    CoEL llc

  6. I represent and 80s hair metal tribute band called Hair to the Throne. Hair to the Throne is a tribute to all things 80’s rock and metal. Their combination of wardrobe, shredding guitars and howling vocals make for an in your face show from start to finish any audience can’t help but enjoy. The band is comprised of several musicians who have toured with or are currently touring with national country and pop acts out of Nashville, TN. I’d love to get something booked with Spillway. We currently have no dates in Bowling Green and have never played there, but an 80s night does well everywhere if promoted properly! We have 3.5hrs of material from artists such as Poison, Cinderella, Guns n Roses, Whitesnake , Warrant etc… and we got the spandex to match. HTTT is a must see for fans of the genre and anyone wanting a night of 80’s nolstalgia. The band’s promo video is linked below. I look forward to working with you and hearing back from you! -Brandon Harris

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. We would love to come to the Spillway to perform. We are gaining fans everyday, and always looking for some where new to perform. We have about 1 hour of originals, and over 4 hours of covers. We are very good at self promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reverbnation, and Sonicbids. We have performed in over 40 venues across the Midwest, and have a great reputation with each one. Give us a shot? Thanks DownFall NSB Contact 812 425 6350

  8. Hello,
    I am Jon Ward of the Band, Jackson Ward based out of Richmond, Va. We are a Nashville Recording Artist with our EP release scheduled for release via Spectra Music in Early 2015. We are very interested in booking a date at your Venue. Feel free to visit our Website at to view our EPK on the front page. There you will find our Schedule, Record release date, Photos as well as Audio and Visual references. I have read all of your Promotional Requirements and can easily comply and fulfill all of the above. I look forward to hearing from you Booking department/person and we look forward to playing your Venue. Feel free to contact me via email at or via phone at (804)-852-7088. Thanks for your time.

  9. My name is Frank Morrow and I am the Booking representative for “All My Rowdy Friends” The Ultimate Hank Williams Jr. Tribute Show! We are booking now for 2015.

    Nationally touring and performing since 2009 with performance experience ranging from Rallys, Festivals, Casinos, and various music venues of all types and sizes, “All My Rowdy Friends” will get your party started in high gear!
    If you like HANK WILLIAMS JR. you will LOVE, “All My Rowdy Friends” The Ultimate Hank Williams Jr. Tribute Show!! People wonder if that is really “Ol Bocephus” himself they are seeing and hearing!!! Check us out for yourself! We are a HIGH ENERGY show!

    Visit our website,, Face Book and Reverbnation listed as “All My Rowdy Friends.” The website, contains a sample video, photos, song list, bios and etc. Upon request we can also provide a variety show.

    Contact me for availability, fees, and booking this show. We also work with various booking agencys.
    Frank Morrow,
    (919) 221-5901

    Sandra Morrow
    AMRF Enterprises., LLC
    Contract Management Department
    (919) 273-3926 contract questions

    Visit our website:

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