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  1. I think the Spillway has the potential to be a great music venue in Bowling Green, but could use some changes that would encourage people to want to come see the bands you host. I had never been anywhere else in town that doesnt allow you to take your drink on the “dance floor” to watch the band playing. I think if youre going to host rock bands and people come to a rock show, this is a major drawback. The place itself is very nice and has potential to be one of the best places in town for live music, but who wants to go to a rock show where you cant rock. Just an honest opinion.

    • Thx for your review and honest opinion but the reason we don’t likw ppl to take drinks on dance floor is for safety reasons.

        • A bunch of drunks on the dance floor with glasses and bottles is and accident waiting to happen. If other places in town don’t say anything about it, it’s because they don’t get the crowds that Spillway does or they just aren’t too bright. I’ve been to plenty places that have the same rule and it’s just common sense.

  2. we have been to the spillway way twice to see the dallas moore band awesome place with great food and friendly wait staff love the place and we came from northern ohio well worth the trip and will def be back again

  3. Love me some Spillway! Food is soooo good and reasonably priced! The atmosphere is nice and entertaining! The staff are amazing and great drinks of coarse! The band and I enjoy coming early just to hang out and eat before we play. Good times at Spillway!

  4. I don’t go out much but when I do its to Spillway! They not only have the best wings ever, everything I have eaten there has been great! They also have the best and most live music in town. The staff there is also very friendly! Great place all around!

  5. Had your wings today for lunch. WOW they were great and Angela took good care of us. Will be coming back very soon for more.

  6. My husband and I are lookin’ for a good place reasonably close to Leitchfield we can go “country” dancin’. The comments listed are good but I didn’t see anything about dancin’. Is there plenty of room to dance?

  7. Awesome Place, Great environment , Outstanding food, Nice People! No bad comments from me! Keep up the awesome work y’all!

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